Eight months into bringing this company online -it has changed so much and there is still so much to be done!  I started with using the beautiful stone beads I had accumulated over 20 years of attending gem and mineral shows.  As I learned more about the business of gemstones, I migrated from wanting simply - and it really is not simple - to know where my rocks came from to wanting to ensure that the people who touch these stones along their journey have a living wage, safe working conditions, access to school, and some environmental safeguards.  Not an easy task in the jewelry industry - or, as we know from frequent news stories - for many of our modern products that we take for granted!  

I believe that curious and conscious women do want to know what makes each stone special.  This blog will explore topics such as

  • messages that the minerals bring as to how they were formed and how the Earth works
  • the history and lore of gemstones
  • social, economic and political issues associated with materials from the Earth
  • standards of how gems are manipulated through the trade route
  • aspects of environmental sustainability
  • fair trade
  • and more....

I am currently, as of October, 2015, labeling the jewelry with the level of 'fair trade' for each stone.