The Jewelry

Beautiful stones and contemporary aesthetics give jewelry by SUSAN ERIKSSON a powerful look for women who want a connection to the Earth and who are making a difference in the world.

The Earth

The gems, minerals, and rocks in these collections tell stories and answer questions – what are they, where did they come from, and what do they tell us?

The People

People mine the materials and cut these stones for you.  We support ethical standards throughout this long and complicated process.

the jewelry is made from natural stones and industrial steel

Natural gemstones and carved rocks combined with steel components are a juxtaposition of Earth’s and human-made products.  All of the jewelry in these collections are hand-made so no two pieces are identical. We are dedicated to knowing where each stone comes from, how the rock is treated, and even how the people who handle it are treated.

earth's stories

SUSAN ERIKSSON collections provide links between your jewelry and the science, history, and lore of its stones.  We believe that the stones’ journey within the Earth is just as powerful as human’s imagination and intuition.  Each rock and gemstone in this jewelry has more to say about its fascinating past and what people have thought about it over the millennia.

from mine to you

Many people touch each gemstone in its journey from the Earth into your hands: miners who extract the stone from the Earth, cutters who shape natural rock into interesting shapes for gemstones and beads, and the people who trade and sell these stones to the person who makes and sells your jewelry.  At SUSAN ERIKSSON, we are dedicated to using materials that provide safe working conditions for these people and working with companies who use best practices to protect the environment and the health of the people living in mining areas.
We are also dedicated to the women who wear this jewelry – they make things happen!