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Millions of Names

The field of igneous petrology - the study of the chemistry and origins of the many igneous rocks around the world - is infamous for the number of names. It is off-putting for students and, frankly, I don't know of anyone who has an interest in...

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Women Who Wear It

I've had such fun working with women who are passionate about what they do.  Some of our first clients, these are women are changing the world - in so many different ways.  Photographer Paula Gillen collaborated in this...

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Forming a New Jewelry Line – Trials and Tribulations

From using the beautiful stone beads to learning more about the business of gemstones, I migrated from simply wanting to know where my rocks came from to ensuring that the people who touch these stones along their journey have a living wage, safe working conditions, access to school, and some environmental safeguards.

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Those Fabulous Feldspars

Moonstones and rainbows, dark blue, turquoise, yellow and white! Feldspars are among the most common minerals on Earth – and yet exhibit fascinating textures and colors.

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